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Mediteraneo festival of wine, gastronomy and Wine Tourism 2014

Wine is something that is simply loved!

We cordially invite you to enjoy with us for the fourth time in wine, and discover at least another secret of this godly spirit, we invite you to join us in discovering the secrets of joining wine and food

Mediteraneo festival of wine, gastronomy and Wine Tourism 2014 in Metropol Palace Hotel 15. And 16. Of November 2014 from noon to 8 PM.

Christy Canterbury, Prof. Dr Alain Carbonneau, Saša Špiranec, Győrffy Zoltán, Željko Garmaz, Ivo Kozarčanin, Danko Ćosič, Darko Jakšic, Zdravko Brkić are just some of the names who will be present on IV Mediteraneo festival of wine, gastronomy and wine toursm, offering their knowledge and experience to guests who will visit us at the hotel Metropol Palace.

Although those listed names are alreadz well – known to all lovers and connoisseurs of wine and hedonism at all, we would like to briefly draw attention to the quality of our teachers.

This time, we present four of them:

Christy Canterbury is the absolute star of the global wine world. At the III Mediteraneo festival of wine, gastronomy and wine tourism, Christy left us breathless with her knowledge of wine and a lecture about errors in wines from this region. This year, Christy will talk about wines that are not well known in our part of Europe.

Prof. Dr Alain Carbonneau is one of the leading experts of the world when it comes to wine -growing terroir. This distinguished professor is the author of more than 150 professional articles on the subject of wine and viticulture, signed several books in these areas, and his lectures are pre-booked and sold all over the world where viticulture and enology treated as a serious economic sector.

Saša Špiranec is the absolute authority in the wine world in this area. Due to the fact that in the last few years is insisting on cultivating indigenous varieties in countries such as Serbia or Croatian, we will try to reveal the answer to the question of whether the indigenous varieties chance, advantage or burden.

Győrffy Zoltán is the editor of a prominent Hungarian wine magazine Pécsi Borozó. On this occasion, he will try to gather the Balkan region and good wines of the region. Győrffy will try almost impossible because of the fact that in this region has a very large number of excellent wines. The fact is that anyone who tries to pick the top 100 wines – have to omit some of them.

We believe that you have found this brief overview was intriguing enough to visit IV Mediteraneo festival of wine, wine tourism and gastronomy, which will be held on 15th and 16th November 2014 at the Hotel Metropol Palace.