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Mediteraneo Wine, Gastronomy and Wine Tourism Festival 2014

Mediteraneo Wine, Gastronomy and Wine Tourism Festival 2014 will be held on 15th and 16th of November in Metropol Palace Hotel, from Noon to 8pm. The Festival presents the best local producers and superb choice of wines coming from 14 countries all over the world.
The first traces of wine production on our territory have been detected in pre-historical Bronze Age, it is then clear that love for winery, wines and winemaking is not just about following the trends. Spirit of the Gods, as it is usually called, started its life in our country in the time of Marcus Aurelius Probus, Roman Emperor born in Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica, town in Serbian province of Vojvodina). Later, during the first Serbian Kingdom, under the Emperor Dusan, there was the law related to wine and it’s quality. Dusan’s vineyards and wine cellars were located near Prizren, in Velika Hoca. At that time, the wine was shipped through 25 kilometers long wine tubes system from the cellars to capitol city Prizren. During the Turks and Austro-Hungarians wine production in Serbia stopped, but after the liberation of the country, production simply “exploded”. It can be seen through the establishing of Navip Cellars: that was a corner stone of organized wine production in Serbia.
Most important wine-grower in the early 20th century in Serbia was King Peter Karadjordjevich, with his son Alexander the First, who raised vineyards on a hill of Oplenac, where he produced high quality wines. Not far from them, in Vencac, Vineyard Cooperation was established, that produced fantastic sparkling wines, recognized throughout Europe.
Today wine making is recognized in Serbia as an opportunity. But the chances of that are not included without love. You simply can not prepare a good wine without love. With this Festival we want to highlight the beauty of wine and winemaking. We want to convey our love for the Spirit of Gods, for the culture of life that has evolved around divine drops of wine.